I LOVE MOVIES | Fury, Reservoir Dogs.

I managed to sit myself through two amazingly great movies this weekend.

Not much to say without spoiling it or altering your decision to be in the mood to watch these movies, but you should go ahead and watch it, I highly recommend it.


trevorspicks: 6/7

fav bits:

– cmon… Brad Pitt. He is freakin bad ass and you can’t help but wanna support his ideals.
– the main cast and their connection with each other is amazing, all brilliantly acted.
– the tank fight scenes and the gruesome deaths, holy cow.


trevorspicks: 7/7

fav bits:

– it’s Quentin Tarantino… genius.
– every single scene is perfect and once you understand the conversations and why they are the characters they are, you will see how brilliant this movie is
– all the trademark Tarantino shots are there.
– the torture scene…
– this movie =]

If you have scene these movies or eventually watch them, let me know what you liked about it. I’m probably going to go off to watch some extra behind the scenes footage and get into the mind of Tarantino’s film making.



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