Blogging | Malaysia adventures. Pt. 1

In saying so, I intend to finish this little project off. Here goes…


(best photo so far haha)

MALAYSIA! It probably helps that I’m Asian travelling to another Asian country. But regardless, it’s been amazing so far. And amazing in terms of a mindset and less of the actual doing Malaysian tourist activities. Who says your supposed to do activities just because your in a different country? Just feels good to work on perspective, and how a different one can actual be what I might need at this moment in time. So I’m just grateful that my life growth or path has brought me to this place. Yes I’m a little deep, but you can’t help that when you regularly feel that there are more amazing things to experience in life. 

Which brings me back to this trip and it’s purpose… And whatever may be will be :). I’m blessed to be on this journey and if dance is my platform then so be it.

And all the while d’angelo and the vanguards play in the background…

On the surface level. Malls, shops, cars, traffic, supermarkets, petrol stations. A regular place just different unique energies.

But more specifically, I’m here teaching with a great friend whom I feel is only beginning his dance journey. If you ever read this bro, you are inspiring me :).

And I’m excited to let u guys know I’m feeling creative and I need to upload!

Alright off I go.


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