Blogging | Malaysia adventures Pt. 2

I missed day 2 and 3, but heck we made it to day 4!

Blessings on blessings on blessings (that one from big sean), Malaysia is rad. It is hot, messy and just straight up. No one is trying to improve anything, you improve things by building new things on top of new things. But who cares they make it work! They are just like you and me, going through the same struggles. So complain less and fight for your soul, because others will steal it from you because you will let it so…

And tonight I tried to be a poet… 

Im just happy, but another perspective of happy. It makes living at home even more exciting to grow with and get to know. Stop being shy and just branch out. And it’s the kind of attitude I’m trying to embrace. I’m human and we make mistakes, but it’s about overcoming these things that make growing up necessary. I think that made sense…

Our workshops were amazing, the studio felt comfortable and I felt myself. Being so far and having this response is humbling. I’m appreciative and thus I feel success everyday :).

Okay I can’t be late. 🙂

Let’s talk soon.


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