Blogging | 4am thoughts

I can’t even begin to address the emotions I’m feeling. And maybe it’s important that I do, I mean isn’t this all she ever wanted? For me to feel as insignificant and as unimportant… Well… I do. At this very moment, I wish I didn’t have alcohol.

Can’t help feel this when you get locked out of your room and have no where to go. To stay, to sleep and get rid of all such negative thoughts. Such a long and eventful day, I just wanna not feel this way.

And yes, your a memory… A beautiful one. *sigh*… Its just never going to be the same. I just wanna get to the end of getting over someone… I don’t want to be at the beginning. I just want the extra shit to be gone.

Goodnight, and to plush pods… Screw you for your terrible security system. If I lose my shit…

Onto better things…


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