Blogging | Malaysia/singapore pt. 3


Map of Singapore. March 2015.

So far…

Summerjam day one began today. Finally received new keys for the dorm that my buddy will and I are staying in. Damn plush pods, why must you be difficult. Nevermind… Made it to the place and none of our things were stolen, thank God.

Classes were great today. Took class from the flair brothers. They are both super dope and although it wasn’t the class I intended to take, it ended up being the basis of dance or what it means to me.

Dance… Needs to be shared. Just like love needs to spread throughout. There is so much heart and soul when a dancer shows that extra commitment. It’s the love that that person has. Enough love to deter all the negativity that comes with being a performer. Ain’t nobody going to be just nice. There will always be haters, or those who are too quick to judge an art form before they have spent enough time on it. Especially in Street dance. Dance is always evolving, like love… Oh How it can change like water against the moon. Sometimes it will become heavy, too difficult to tread. Other times, the water is calm allowing more natural and free flowing movement to take shape.

Honestly I didn’t know where this post was heading in the case that I’m actually finishing these posts a week later. Doesn’t matter, I’m just happy to share my thoughts and memories with whoever wants to read this. 🙂

From what I remember it was a very enjoyable experience day one was. And a late one with Tiger beers and shisha in bugis.

But also the beginning of the strangest moments that has happened this year.

Alright let me post this so I can continue onto the next posts! 🙂

Ttyl reader!


Possibly the first night in Singapore? Hahaha.


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