Blogging | If only

If only.

The chances of it are crazy, but hey it happened. How in this crazy crazy world can strangers of awesomeness meet? It’s like Superman vs. Batman.

From memory however, it’s Batman who defeats Superman… that smart and rich billionaire has all this knowledge that even an alien like Superman can’t comprehend. Shes a bit like that though. Well I think she has plenty of knowledge to share and I wanna learn, or at least understand another perspective. This is so crazy. I’m feeling a little under weather from my trip which isn’t helping me as I write this. Or does the somber, floating feels from the music of Daniel Johns spreads further torture. I’m gonna admit it. How I felt before I left for Malaysia was wayyyyyyy different to the person or beliefs I had leaving Singapore and arriving back in Melbourne. I was kinda broken and just straight up lost in how I was dealing with a break up. And not even towards the other person, but more so how I viewed myself. If only is the title of this, but I suppose it’s really the entire summary of my trip away.

If only… I could feel that feeling.

And I did.

I didn’t feel as broken. I felt reassured. Inspired. Even challenged. Something I’ve been meaning to find, and it definitely found me. The things you want most DO find their way to you. But only if you allow it. And in my previous post (4AM THOUGHTS), I was in full emo mode. But to my surprise 5 days later I was a different person. I was in a much happier place. I had embraced the goodness of who I was, where I was and what I know I will achieve in my lifetime. Looking forward onto exciting moments.

So allow it will you! πŸ˜›

Surrender to your feelings, sometimes your gut feelings surprise you. It’s about learning to trust those decisions and making the most of it fully. But at the same time enjoying the journey and wherever it may take you.

It’s only the first day back to MY reality, so I best get some sleep before my own exhaustion brings the worst out of me. I’ll keep updating as I know I’ve missed pt. 3 of my Malaysia adventure posts =].

Let’s talk again shall we?

Peace readers.


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