I LOVE TV | Walking Dead catch ups

I’m back and addicted to technology. So here I go. Episode 14 of season 5, walking dead.

Omg what did i just watch!

That has got to be by far the most intense episode that I’ve seen in a while. From start to finish, nothing was left out and all the drama and action necessary to make you cringe and see the most unlikely things happen. Robert Kirkman you are one talented artist. I was at the edge of my seat and even had to look away from the deaths and zombie eating in this episode. Walking Dead sure knows how to make you addicted.


This episode we lost two characters, Noah and the other douche bag, the boss lady’s (Deanna) son, Aiden stupidly misfires and blows himself to be trapped and thus eaten. Maybe I’m being harsh as it was dark in the facility. But heck this was not going too well as Tara is also unconscious and injured. Luckily we Eugene rescues Tara, Glenn and Nicholas (he’s probably going to die… he deserves it though. JERK!). So sad that Noah is gone, but with the episode building more tension I’m excited to see where Rick will take the group since he has a powerful role in the Alexandria community.

Oh and that priest… wtf is he still doing around? I’m just being impatient and a hater but with him ruining the main casts position in the town, he definitely better get killed off hahaha.

Most likely watching the next episode 2nite. Super excited!


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