Blogging | Chances and moments

Maybe I’m just a little too old school when it comes to connections and life partners and all that sappy romantic shit. But when did all those kind of personalities disappear to? Are we that impossibly broken that we find it difficult to want to take more chances? Maybe its just me. Maybe I’ve been broken and that i’ve broken hearts that frankly its made me want to continue searching. For most people that I know, when hearts get broken that’s usually it. People give up and focus solely on themselves and never bother acquiring more than just a physical connection. And not to say that finding yourself and focusing on yourself is bad. I’m just saying that maybe finding love is to know that the risk is to lose something or to feel emotions that are of course so unfamiliar and at times uncomfortable. But that’s the beauty of it right? That although the risks may be great, perhaps obtaining the end result… which is LOVE, or an extreme connection may just be worth all the fuss. That’s pretty epic if you ask me. Yes I want to be a dancer/choreographer and inspire many people around the world, but heck living in this universe can come with a great deal of loneliness. Eventually we all get older and our friends find partners or find another place to be themselves. People move, travel… move on.

So… don’t judge me when I say hell yeh, I value connections and I value moments that are almost unbelievable to happen. But I guess the reality is that whatever I may feel may not match up with another persons values or purpose at this stage in life. However, we don’t have time for all these moments to pass us by. Gahhh it bothers me that this worlds system is actually making us all more disconnected than ever. Go forth and make time for your careers, but we’ve all become way more committed to making money because ‘money makes the world go round’? Or at least it has become an essential part of our purpose. But why must this be one of the most important purposes that we value the most?

Frick… I’m hopeless haha. What I’m trying to say is that maybe we should make a little more time for these moments that may never come again. Honestly, money, wealth and possible dream careers are always going to be there. But these moments. These people. They are never going to be there ever again. Because when it comes to careers, if you stop giving a shit about this job or that job, you can easily find another thing to do either closely related, or for most people, you force yourself to love a job because of expenses that need solving. With that said, don’t just quit your job or your life goals for these connections. I’m saying maybe make these connections and moments of chance more of a priority. And these connections don’t even have to be related with having a life partner and what not. Just don’t get lost in making fake friends and starve yourself from actual love in your face.

So love like you may never see tomorrow. Be open to being broken because chances are you might open yourself up to being fixed and isn’t that something to look forward to?

I’m still a broken person, but I want to find out what else there is that I get to share with another person. =]

Goodnight readers.


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