Daredevil for Netflix the way to go

If you have yet to even begin watching this show, well… You should be watching it!

So far up to episode 3, on the Netflix produced series. Starring Charlie Cox as Matt Murdoch aka Daredevil, he provides the portrayal of the blind superhero who is at best a much better version in comparison to the attempt by Ben Affleck. Don’t get me wrong, Ben Affleck is a great actor, he plays some characters really well. Okay sidetracked. Ps. He is playing the next Bruce Wayne… Please be awesome!

The TV show is a much darker more thorough version of a superhero origin story. It has less gimmicky and lame one liners, the story grows and is with you as you watch, and you can binge watch the show. Best idea!!! I was beginning to dislike Marvels storytelling, but this is much better. Drew Goddard is genius. Most people don’t know this but I love Lost the TV series. And Goddard provided his writing skills to the show. And he also wrote cloverfield. Hey I like that movie okay!

This take on the superhero is awesome, so I’m going to continue watching, and suggest if you have not started watching you are missing out!


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