Blogging | reading when there is no music

Rushing to get ready this morning, I realised I’ve again lost my headphones. The horror… Honestly. Goes without saying that I’m most probably getting older and my synapses are getting a whole lot weaker. So no headphones equals no music.


I have a solution.

Books… Comics… Knowledge. 


I was quite facscinated by the references or the recent movies based on comic books, so I thought I’d investigate and spice up my interests by reading the source material. Definitely have a much better appreciation for comics now. As a kid I could not fuss about it. Possibly the reason why I’m terrible at drawing. Leave that to my dad and brother shall we. 

Never too late, and now I’m set to read and possibly build a collection of the comic book culture. It’s the inner geek in me. 

So far year one… AMAZING. Walking dead #1 is next! 

Ttyl readers! 


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