What a week. Time for some rest and relaxation? 

I wish!

That’s not to say I haven’t had such marvellous days this week. I much prefer to call them learning curves. Learning curves of varying degrees of negative and positive emotions. I’d have days where I’d literally have to wake up, leave the house do my thing. 

Which includes…

Rehearsals for my team, rehearsals for shows, teaching classes, flying interstate to teach workshops, having meetings, organising my schedule and various other activities. Oh and let’s not forget all the travel time between studios to venues to events. 

Then come back home and have little or no time to wide down and catch some Z’s. But heck, life be awesome right now! Strange to feel energised with little or no sleep these past of weeks, but your body, and your mind especially can go a long way. 

So while this body of mine is tired and sore, time for relaxation becomes scarce, but nowadays much more special. No time gets wasted and rather than complaining about not dancing enough, I’m over here complaining about not having time to relax. Hahaha such a different mindset. 

But I’m trying my best to find that balance or else I’ll burn out :(. As I’m going through my journey and all it spans out to be, keeping my heart and mind open to opportunities has helped. 

Time to work and play harder. 

Enjoy your life journey and don’t set too many boundaries, go enjoy the space around you before that opportunity gets lost. 

Ttyl readers! 


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