This weather is appropriate for the “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men

The Melbourne weather is overwhelming sad. The rain. It pours. So it seems likely that songs of a similar nature must be playing. In the quietness of the day, the cold and rain inspire…

And if there would be any reason why you do not know this song. Whether you like this genre of music or music with such timeless quality then you know BOYZ II MEN – END OF THE ROAD. Yes?


And… their clothes. Just. Ugh I want. I remember watching this as a kid and I don’t recall videos being so simple and straightforward and still be able to send a message that is blatantly obvious. And the sex appeal is much more subtle and again makes videos and tracks like this timeless.

Unlike the comments associated with the youtube link. If you scroll far enough you will see the “Bieber brought me here” comments posted. Really? This new generation needs this celebrity to show them the way. I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed that this songs would even be passed by. Oh well, it’s my generation that must be equally to blame for not informing and educating our younger generation. =]


Here is Justin Bieber’s rendition of END OF THE ROAD.


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