Out and about… For real. 


Yes yes yes. I’ve probably mentioned this a dozen times, but I’m finally writing this all from outside of my house. Outside of the laziness and the lack of writing inspiration that can only exist when your in your own bubble all the time. Not to say that you cannot find inspiration at home, but recently it’s become a force of habit to be closed off and a hermit and sharing becomes the last thing you want to do.

Therefore, I forced myself to create and be outside with the air and human interaction in yarraville. 

My coffee is about to finish and the weather is stinging my bones. I’ve managed to finish and fix my schedule for the week and to be honest as much as I have had much more time to myself during the holidays, the alone time has been worth it. Most people would find it sad and a struggle to hang out on their own outside of their own house bubbles, but I’ve grown to appreciate the ability to hold it out on my own. 

Today I am a different person than I was yesterday, and so are you :). Here’s to change and a new perspective.


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