And I’m back.


Hey everyone I’m back and about to begin my preparations for august. So far it’s been quite busy, July that is and I’ve been so blessed and proud of the opportunities that have so far come and gone. From regular shows to constant teaching work and travelling to Queensland recently, its been a whirlwind of a month. Definitely the only way I see myself living and enjoying the most of my time. Though there had been moments of distress and anxiety.

Those personal demons of old, past and sometimes present began to take shape. This was mainly due to the stress and exhaustion. Moments that make you second guess the best version of yourself.

Mixed emotions at time difficult, I can now say I’m feeling victorious and capable of the dreams, goals and person that I am.

That breakfast was a couple of days ago and I’m glad to report and update.

Talk to you soon readers. 🙂


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