Have I lost interest?

Maybe its just me. Maybe its the fact that I’ve been single for 7 months, but being single is confusing. Just straight up confusing. Confusing to the point that you don’t know if your in a ‘something’ or just casually having permission to glance at each other. Or maybe I’m just a person who is out of touch with the social ‘game’, or honestly just bored and have yet to meet a potential. I can call picking up chicks potential right? Like we can agree that half the point of picking up chicks is searching and finding a mate? Too much? Sorry… Tangents are just important to me and I’m allowing myself to go there.

You’ve gotten this far…

So let’s keep going.

Does anyone feel like finding someone just to take out on a date, in an organic way a bit weirder now that your older. To all my mid 20s stand up!? To be honest I just prefer to have a conversation with a woman who isn’t always worried about trying to impress the next person they meet. I just miss women who wanted to connect through intellect rather than in a physical nature. I need a curious girl.

Nutella donuts girl? Thought I’d given up on trying to meet women. But seeing her definitely fed me with some inspiration.

I’ll be back for more nutella donuts. Ooo and coffee.


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