Just an update


Just me a couple weeks back. Feeling different, but growing in a way I’d never expect to. I may not have an outstanding blog for most people’s interest. But I am jotting down some highlights for myself. If you’ve been reading or following my posts… Well thanks. 🙂 I’m glad we share an interest in the same things. While I do my best to take you on a closer look into my dance life or my life and all its possibilities, I’m ready to share it and all sorts of nonsense with everyone.

While I may post a few things here and there on fb, I’ll be posting those truly personal things on this site. Helps me keep track of myself, since fb and most types of social media has become a marketing tool for our careers and our lifestyle. This blog is the no holds bar side that is here if YOU want to read it. 🙂

Happy Friday!


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