They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard!

This is just funny with Orlando Bloom actually trolling the original youtube video

Best things to watch when your having a great day!


News anchor dances to WHERE THEY AT DOE

Saw this the other day and can’t get enough of it, it is a fantastic video and all over the top hilarious especially with the camera angles and musicality!

He also has more, but you’ll probably overlook them since the one above is bomb! lol

Dan Thorn – dances to Shake it Off

Dan Thorn – dances to James Brown – I Got That Feeling

25 Most Satisfying Things Ever

Just a repost from a link i found out on facebook world. So while i’m watching some of the live streaming of Hip hop international here’s a link that should tickle your fancy.

Some of my fav from the list.

6. The cutting of metal by machine… wow… how the hell does that even happen? It is so sick how it cuts through like butter and precisely everytime!

9. cmon… water dancing… BEST!

14. Snoop missing the awkward handshake.

23. the MRI of a banana… wow the patterns!


The Asian Love Languages

this is amazingly accurate. As much as it is a satirical portrayal of how asian families interact with each other, it is somewhat accurate based on my personal journey and a few of my friends.

But at the same time, don’t take it seriously. =] it is funny however, as we asians can show love in a very strange form, but once you can grasp the true positive intention, in time it doesn’t really matter if it is unorthodox, it is still LOVE.

Blogging | its been a while; welcome to may

Before i go on… click this link…

trust you will get an excited viewing experience. Other than that, its been about 2 weeks since my last post. Much to do in the life that has been happening in the past 2 weeks.

I choreographed a same number featuring my crew COLLEKTIVE performing with the Senior performers at DANCEWORLD the new full-time dance course i’ve been teaching. Performed a simple set at the JDRF, a black tie ball/event where plenty of charitable donations were being made through silent auctions. That was awesome… regardless of the wwaiting. I’ll try and post up some footage of what i managed to take that night soon.


atm i’ve just recently come back to doing training for the tj michael jackson tribute show. Heading out to daydream island on the 25th so it should an experience =].

oooo i finished my barista course! gotta show u the certificate. It was an incredible experience definitely want to do and learn more new things! i suggest languages and perhaps some financial and motivational kind of topics to glance over.

Okay that was the most disorganised pile of thoughts typed onto wordpress ever, but i’m just happy to be back on the keys pressing out my thoughts and empowering moments. Hope to communicate with you all soon!

peace out,